The Best Value In Long Term Food Storage

Compare MaxLife Gourmet Food Storage

See our price comparison below. Not only are you spending less money per serving than other major brands, but you're also spending a lot less money per actual meal, and per 2000 calories, even with their high percentages of filler servings like drinks and desserts.
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Fewer Filler (Non-Meal) Servings
We fill our servings numbers with meals, not cheap drinks and desserts. Competitors fill their packages with up to 69% non-meal servings.
Free Shipping
We offer free shipping on EVERY order in 48 U.S. states. No minimums.
Lower Cost Per Serving
Despite offering more meal servings, our price per serving is still lower than the competition.
Better Tasting
Rated independently at 85% for taste. Compare to 57% competitor rating.
Lower Cost Per 2000 Calories
Servings with low calorie count won't last in a food emergency. Our servings get you closer to your required daily calorie intake.
More Convenient
Faster time to ship, resealable pouches. Some of our competitors don't even offer stackable & resuable buckets or just-add-water meals.

Click to try some samples of our gourmet just-add-water food storage. We're sure you'll fall in love with the great taste of gourmet MaxLife Foods. You want your food storage to not only be there when you need it, but also for your family to enjoy it.

Sample our fruit mix, apple blueberry granola, hearty potato soup & cheddar broccoli soup. Sample pack of the MaxLife Basic and Deluxe entree/breakfast line. LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER. 25 year shelf life.